Ona Barry Seaney

Senior Lecturer Co-Editor, Criteria




M.A. in Literature, University of New Mexico

Ona is always excited to bring her love of language, rhetoric, and composition to her students. Teaching the English as a Second Language (ESL) sections of Writing and Reasoning at SMU, she relishes the opportunities and experiences of teaching the beauty of the English language to international students as well as the delight of meeting people from all over the globe. In addition to over 20 years of teaching experience, Ona was the co-editor of Criteria: Discernment and Discourse Reader and Guide, the program’s text, which included an annually revolving selection of student-written essays and tools for improving both written and oral communication skills. In addition, she co-authored a yearly Criteria teacher’s manual. 

Courses taught

Discernment and Discourse (Undergraduate)


H.O.P.E. Award nominee

Laura Devlin Award (2010-2011)

Phi Beta Kappa (Delta of Texas)

Sigma Tau Delta (Chi Alpha chapter)

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