Steven Weisenburger

Mossiker Chair in Humanities and Professor

Office Location

DH 235




Ph.D., University of Washington

An interdisciplinary American studies scholar, my writing and teaching concentrate on the intersections of narrative practices, American cultural and social history, race & ethnicity, and satire (an abiding interest). Since 1995, my work has concentrated on the textual and socio-cultural articulation of racial and ethnic identities, on the modes of covert and overt domination employed to regulate those identity constructions, and on peoples’ ways of resisting racialized power.

Areas of Interest

  • Narrative fiction
  • American literature and history
  • Slavery and race

Awards and Distinctions

  • Fellow, Flemish Royal Academy (2009)
  • Research Professor, University of Kentucky (1999-2000)
  • Distinguished Teacher Award, University of Kentucky (1996)
  • NEH Fellowship for Independent Study & Research (1986)

Selected Publications

  • Fables of Subversion: Satire and the American Novel (1995)
  • Modern Medea: A Story of Slavery and Child-Murder from the Old South (1998; paperback 1999)
  • A Gravity’s Rainbow Companion (revised 2nd edition; paperback 2006)
  • Gravity’s Rainbow, Domination, and Freedom (2013)
  • American White Supremacy: A History (in-progress)

Courses Taught

  • Fiction
  • Introduction to Literary Studies
  • American Literature Surveys
  • Undergraduate and graduate seminars in American literature and cultural history


Steven Weisenburger