Sample 4-Year Plans

Below you will find sample schedules.  These are designed to help you build your schedule but are not set in stone.  Each student's situation is unique (presence or absence of transfer work, study abroad, etc.), and therefore these plans are not meant to replace advising. 

A "CC Course" refers to a course that fills a Common Curriculum requirement (whether it be a breadth, foundation, or proficiency and experience or a combination of those).  Click here for second language requirements.

As a general guideline, a 15 hour course load is recommended.  However, you may need to take more hours to graduate on time.  If you are unsure about your progress, please schedule an appointment

* Students interested in getting a Ph.D. in Economics should take MATH 1337 instead of MATH 1309 and continue taking math at least through differential equations. 


ECO BS with Financial Applications

* The financial economics courses: ECO 3355, ECO 4368, and ECO 4378 must be taken sequentially (i.e. three semesters are required to complete the series).


Interested in a Master's Degree?

Our 4+1 program allows you to begin graduate coursework as an undergraduate.  You will complete the remaining graduate coursework in the year following graduation.