ECO "On Track" Calculator

Am I on Track to Graduate on Time?  Which Classes Should I Take Next Semester?

Find out now, yes right now, by using the new ECO "On Track" Calculator!  No need to wait for an appointment!


  1. Pull your DPR Summary by visiting the "Academics" tab in my.SMU.
  2. Open the Calculator.  Open the Example DPR Summary.  Note: Your DPR may look slightly different than the example.
  3. Enter the corresponding numbers (from your own DPR Summary) in the yellow boxes.  The other cells will auto populate and provide information about your progress.
  4. You do not need to edit any other boxes, but please by sure to complete the "Step 6: Create a Tentative Schedule for Next Semester" section.  You will need to build a tentative schedule to the best of your ability.  The "schedule help" resources in the other tabs (flowcharts, sample plans, etc.) may help you.  CC guidance can be found in the last tab. 
  5. For reference, here is the completed example calculator.

Lost?  Watch the step-by-step video!

Do I Have to Use the Calculator?

  • No, but I encourage you to use it!
  • However, if you choose to meet with me, you must complete the calculator form and email me a copy as an Excel attachment one business day before your appointment, or I will kindly ask you to reschedule. 
  • I do not require an emailed copy of your Degree Planner.  However, I still expect that your Degree Planner is complete and current. 

In What Other Ways Can the Calculator Help Me?

  • Thinking about studying abroad?  Watch this video and visit the ECO Abroad site.
  • Thinking about adding another major or minor?  Watch this video.
  • Ready to add a major or minor?  Watch the "Adding Majors and Minors" video.
  • Use it to complete your Degree Planner.  Watch this video to learn more.