Thomas Osang

Associate Professor



Office Location

Umphrey Lee 301K





Ph.D. University of California at San Diego

Dr. Thomas Osang joined the SMU faculty in 1994 after completing his Ph.D. studies. His research and teaching interests are in the area of international trade and finance as well as economic development. Among others, he has investigated theoretical and empirical links between international trade and economic growth, the impact of exchange rate volatility on trade, the quantitative contribution of globalization to U.S. wage inequality, and the empirical validity of political economy of trade policy models.

At SMU, Dr. Osang was awarded the M Award in 2002 and the Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor Award in 2009.

Research Interests

International Economics, Growth and Development



International Trade (undergraduate and graduate), Economic Development (undergraduate and graduate), Exchange Rates and International Capital Market (undergraduate and graduate), International Economic Policy (undergraduate and graduate), International Monetary Relations (undergraduate and graduate), Economic Growth (undergraduate and graduate), Principles of Microeconomics (undergraduate)

Thomas Osang