Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Economics

Applicants to the Certificate program must have (1) a cumulative undergraduate grade-point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale); (2) 12 hours of undergraduate economics, including two intermediate theory courses, one in price theory, and one in macroeconomics; (3) an introductory course in statistics; and (4) one semester of calculus. 

Applicants whose undergraduate GPA is lower than 3.0 are required to submit GRE scores. Students combined score on the verbal and quantitative sections must be at least an 1100 (300 on the new scale).

The Certificate of Applied Economics program is focused on improving the use of statistical and data analysis tools and applying economic models in the economic decision making process of firms.

For non-SMU undergraduate students (domestic and foreign) the certificate can be especially attractive since the courses taken can be credited toward the M.A. in Applied Economics.  Additionally, international students may obtain accreditation of the courses in their respective undergraduate or graduate programs.

The Courses


To earn the Certificate of Applied Economics, students must complete four of the following courses offered during the Summer I and II sessions.


ECO 5341 - Strategic Behavior

ECO 5350 - Introduction to Econometrics

ECO 5375 - Economic and Business Forecasting

ECO 6352 - Applied Econometric Analysis

ECO 6383 - New Approaches in Managerial Economics

ECO 6385 - Predictive Analytics