Temperature Logging

The SMU Geothermal Lab has over 40 year experience logging the temperature of wells.  We have logged hundreds of wells, collecting direct measurements in shallow (< 500 meters), intermediate (500 - 1500 meters), and deep (1500 - 8000 meters) wells, primarily in the Western and Central United States.

We have the following equipment available for logging of research or commercial projects:


Max. Temp.

Max. Depth

One truck mounted electric line system


4 km

Two slick-line computer tools


8 km

Multiple portable temperature systems


up to 1 km


We have the following equipment measurement capability:

  • Collar Locator
  • Temperature
  • Gamma Ray
  • Fluid Pressure
  • Spinner Flow Velocity

For information on temperature logging and pricing, contact Maria Richards at 214-768-1975 or by email.

 SMU Logging Van cropped