Project Examples

The Department of Energy provides a overview of low-temperature and coproduced resources.  

Water flood to power in North Dakota

The University of North Dakota, Continental Resources and Access Energy have a project near Rhame in the southwest corner of North Dakota that utilizes heat from the water flood that is used to enhance oil recovery. More information is in this videopresentationarticle and additional article.  

Geothermal energy from well fluids in Mississippi

A RPSEA-funded project in Mississippi successfully generated geothermal energy from co-produced fluids during a six month demonstration period.  Gulf Coast Green Energy and ElectraTherm installed a Green Machine at a Denbury Resources well site near Laurel, Mississippi.  Hot water separated from the oil entered the Green Machine and generated electricity.  A report on this project is available here.  

Power from low temperature geothermal in Nevada

ElectraTherm has successfully commissioned a Power + Generator at the Florida Canyon Mine in Imlay, Nevada.  Hot water produced on site enters the Organic Racine Cycle (ORC) Power + to generate electricity.  A video and additional information are available on the ElectraTherm website.

Flare gas to power in North Dakota

Gulf Coast Green Energy (GCGE), along with HARC and Environmentally Friendly Drilling have installed a Power + generator in the Bakken Shale Play in North Dakota.  This project at a Hess Corporation site captures natural gas that would otherwise be flared and uses the gas to generate electricity.   A study has shown that emissions are lowered when the Power+ generator is used.  More information is available in this article, on the GCGE website, in this video.

Waste heat captured from compressor station in Minnesota

In a project supported by Chevrolet, Basin Electric has teamed up with Ormat to capture the heat generated at a compressor station on a natural gas pipeline in Garvin, Minnesota.  A video of the project is available here.  

Additional projects are described in presentations from previous SMU Geothermal Lab Power Plays conferences.  Check out the "Oil and Gas Projects" section of Conference Presentations for more details.