The Geothermal Lab is within the Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Faculty, staff, and students work together on national and international heat flow and basin modeling projects.  Graduate student research is funded through collaboration with the private sector and through government contracts.  

The Department of Earth Sciences offer classes for a variety of undergraduate degrees, including a Bachelor of Science in Geophysics.  The Department of Earth Sciences offers a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy Degree for graduate students.  Graduate students work with the faculty to develop appropriate course work for their thesis project based on their interest.  

The Department of Earth Science also offers an Applied Geophysics Master’s degree.  Input from the energy industry is incorporated into this program for students interested in a career in petroleum exploration.  A brochure with more information is available here.

Students are welcome to join our newsletter list to keep up to date with news from the SMU Geothermal Lab and the wider geothermal community.  We include information for students whenever possible. 

Graduate and undergraduate students can be hired by the Geothermal Lab to work on research projects.  Contact Maria Richards for more information, 214-768-1975 or  

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