Junghyun Park

Associate Director of Research Seismo-Acoustic Research Program






Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

Dr. Junghyun Park studies geophysics. Her research focuses on monitoring of manmade activities (signal detection, association and event location) such as underground nuclear explosions, mining explosions or rocket launches near the Earth surface, as well as quantifying the source characterization in order to estimate the yield and depth in the case of buried explosions. To study these sources, she uses both seismic and infrasound data recorded at local, regional, and global distances. She also develops data quality tools applicable to seismo-acoustic arrays in order to understand the effects of local environmental conditions on signal detection as well as monitor technical issues related to instrumentation and field work. She is currently working on atmospheric model reconstruction to improve the predictive capabilities of infrasound observations. Her research has focused geographically on the Korean peninsula and the western U.S. She received her PhD from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in 2013 and is employed as a Seismo-Acoustic Research Scientist at SMU. She currently serves as an Associate Editor for the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America since 2021. Download CV (PDF)