Neil J. Tabor






Ph.D. UC Davis
  • Sedimentology
  • Soils and Paleosols
  • Stable Isotope Geochemistry
  • Paleoclimate

Courses Taught

GEOL 5399 - Soils
GEOL 3472 - Principles of Sedimentology
GEOL 5320 - Dynamic Earth

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Publications in Preparation

Tabor, N.J.,Rasmussen, C., in prep., Chemical indicies of soil weathering on volcanic parent materials: potential for paleoclimate reconstruction from the chemistry of paleosols: to be submitted to Geology

Tabor, N.J., Montanez, I. P. and Rasmussen, C., in prep., Pedogenic mineral d18O proxies of meteoric precipitation oxygen isotope lapse rates in the California Sierra Nevada, USA: to be submitted to Science.

Tabor, N.J., and Montañez, I.P., in prep., A heirarchy of climate change associated with Late Paleozoic aridification over western Pangea: to be submitted to Geology.

Montañez, I.P., Tabor, and Chaney, D. in prep., Evolution of Permian atmospheric pCO2 as derived from latest Carboniferous through Permian paleosol carbonates: to be submitted to Science.

DiMichele, W.A., Tabor, N.J., Paustian, M.E., Chaney, D.S, Nelson, W. J., and Hook, R. W., in prep., Floristic heterogeneity in an Early Permian coastal landscape, the Lueders Formation from North Central Texas, to be submitted to Palaios.

Tabor, N.J., Montañez, I.P., and Currie, B.S., in prep., Fidelity of the Late Triassic (Carnian) terrestrial stratigraphic record of NW Argentina: Insights from pedogenic alteration of overbank deposits: to be submitted to Journal of Geology.

Tabor, N.J., in prep, Oxygen and hydrogen isotope compositions of supergene iron oxides – Examples from Permo-Pennsylvanian and Triassic terrestrial strata of North and South America: to be submitted to Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.


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