Alejandro D’Brot

Alejandro Dbrot portrait



Office: Dedman Life Sciences, room 239
Phone: 214-768-2848

Educational Background

2006 - B.S. in Biology, TCU
2014 - Ph.D. Genetics, Development and Disease, UT Southwestern
2016 - Postdoctoral Scholar, UT Southwestern


Research interests:

Interested in developing project-based lab courses that provide avenues for undergrads to engage in publishable scientific research (CUREs). Currently invested with developing an undergraduate lab course in which students use CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology to generate new alleles in model organisms that can be used by the research community.


BIOL 1302 - Intro Bio II
BIOL 3303 – Evolution
BIOL 4380 - Gene Editing Lab
BIOL 4110 - Biochem Lab

Peer reviewed publications:

D’Brot, A., Kurtz, P., Regan, E., Jakubowski, B., & Abrams, J. M. (2016). A platform for interrogating cancer-associated p53 alleles. Oncogene, 36(2), 286–291.

Wylie, A., Jones, A. E.,D’Brot, A., Lu, W.-J., Kurtz, P., Moran, J. V., … Abrams, J. M. (2015). p53 genes function to restrain mobile elements. Genes & Development, 30(1), 64–77.


Wylie, A., Lu, W.-J.,D’Brot, A., Buszczak, M., & Abrams, J. M. (2014). p53 activity is selectively licensed in the Drosophila stem cell compartment. eLife, 3.


D’Brot, A., Chen, P., Vaishnav, M., Yuan, S., Akey, C. W., & Abrams, J. M. (2013). Tango7 directs cellular remodeling by the Drosophila apoptosome. Genes & Development, 27(15), 1650–1655.