Spencer Lambert

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Fall 2020 Contact Information

BA Anthropology, Brigham Young University
MA Anthropology, Brigham Young University
Graduate Certificate in Museum Practices, Brigham Young University
MA Anthropology, Southern Methodist University

I am an archaeologist currently studying the ancient Hawaiian Islands. For my dissertation, I explore how religious eating restrictions shifted overtime between commoners, elites, and by gender on the Kona and Kohala coasts of Hawai'i Island. My other research interests are zooarchaeology Pacific archaeology, Southwest archaeology, Great Basin archaeology, museum studies, archaeological theory, and political economy and other social theories. I earned my Master's degree at Brigham Young University. For my master's thesis, I critiqued Lewis Binford's modified general utility index and some aspects of optimal foraging theory by examining hunting and transport practices by the Fremont of prehistoric Utah.

In the past, I have worked as an archaeology technician for the United States Forest Service and a crew chief on several cultural resource management projects. My field experiene has been primarily in Hawai'i, Utah, and Arizona. I have analyzed animal bones from sites in Hawai'i, Utah, and Illinois. Before attending SMU, I worked as a NAGPRA coordinator and zooarchaeology collections manager at an anthropology museum.

Entered program in 2018

Region of Study:

Hawai'i and Oceania


Spencer Lanbert