Ian Jorgeson

Graduate Student




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Heroy Hall 429





Fall 2020 Contact Information

BA Anthropology, The University of Texas at Austin
MA Anthropology, Southern Methodist University

Ian researches village aggregation and disaggregation in the Prohistoric Puebloan world, specifically at Ancestral Tewa villages in Northern New Mexico. Ian develops and utilizes computational techniques, including GIS least cost path analyses, Bayesian modeling, and social network analyses, to model the push and pull factors that are relevant for understanding changes in village settlement patterns over time. In addition to his dissertation research, Ian is collaborating on projects examining learning differences between hunting technologies, modeling water acquisition costs in the prehistoric Jemez Mountains, and developing Bayesian calibrations of large sets of radiocarbon dates.

Entered program in 2012

Region of Study:

American Southwest, Northern New Mexico

Ian Jorgeson