Abigail Fisher

Graduate Student






BSc Anthropology, Michigan State University
MSc Archaeological Science, University of Oxford
MA Anthropology, Southern Methodist University

Abigail earned her BS in Anthropology from Michigan State University (2007), her MS in Archaeological Science from University of Oxford (2009), and her MA in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University (2014). In the course of her fieldwork, Fisher has worked on three continents, at sites temporally ranging from 2000 B.C. to AD 1860.

Her focus is the use of bones in the reconstruction of human and animal migration and movement, diet, and lifestyle. For her current work, Fisher uses zooarchaeology and archaeological science, specifically stable isotope analysis, to study the relationship between foragers and farmers using dogs as dietary proxies for humans. Her main research area is the North American northern Great Plains, where the complex relationship between migrating farmers and indigenous foragers is largely understudied.

Prior to entering into the PhD program at SMU, Abigail was an adjunct professor of Anthropology at Wayne County Community College District and Oakland Community College in Michigan.

Entered program in 2013

Region of Study:

North American northern Plains


Abigail Fisher