Megan Bond Hinrichsen






PhD Southern Methodist University 2015

Megan Hinrichsen is a graduate student in the medical anthropology Ph.D. program. She has done past fieldwork in cultural anthropology in Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, and the United States. Her current research is focused on the social and health impacts of microfinance in urban Ecuador. Following her graduation with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Anthropology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in August 2008 as a member of the Robert E. Cook Honors College, she received her Master's degree in anthropology from Southern Methodist University in May 2010. She began her dissertation research supported by a Fulbright grant in September 2012 and has taught as an adjunct professor at SMU, University of North Texas, and Texas A&M University - Commerce. Her faculty mentor is Dr. Nia Parson.

Entered program in 2008

Title of Dissertation: All Ways are Roads: Everyday Survival and Microentrepreneurship among Men and Women at the Base of the Economic Pyramid in Urban Ecuador.

Region of Study:

South America (particularly the Andean region)

Honors and Awards:

SMU Dissertation Fellowship (2014-2015)
PEO Scholar Award (2013-2014)
Fulbright IIE Fellowship in Ecuador (2012-2013)
NSF Summer Field Training in Methods and Data Collection in Cultural Anthropology: Bolivia (2010)
Charles R. Jenkins Lambda Alpha National Scholarship Award (2008)