Brooke M. Morgan




PhD Southern Methodist University 2015

After graduating from Loyola University Chicago with a BS in Anthropology and BA in Environmental Studies, I landed at Southern Methodist University to continue my research on hunter-gatherer adaptive strategies in Pleistocene North America. My interests include some staples of Paleoindian archaeology, such as lithic technology, lithic raw material economy, and mobility and settlement strategies. Currently, I am writing my dissertation on the Mountaineer Folsom site near Gunnison, Colorado, where there is clear evidence of multiple dwelling structures. Mountaineer provides unique circumstances for exploring how a Folsom community functioned in a long-term residential setting - something rarely seen in the Paleoindian archaeological record that was nevertheless an important part of hunter-gatherer adaptations. My goal is to study the interrelated aspects of risk minimization, economic integration, and social relationships in Folsom society by drawing on concepts from household archaeology and hunter-gatherer ethnography and applying them within a human behavioral ecology theoretical framework. Ultimately, this research should be applicable to investigation archaeological hunter-gatherer societies writ large.

Entered program in 2008

Title of Dissertation: Folsom Settlement Organization in the Southern Rocky Mountains: An Analysis of Dwelling Space at the Mountaineer Site

Region of Study:

North America (Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, Midwest)

Honors and Awards:

National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant (2012-2014)
SMU Graduate Student Development Grant (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013)
SMU Graduate Student Assembly Grant (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013)
SMU Anthropology Department Steed Travel Award (2010-2011)
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Honorable Mention (2010)
Loyola University Mulcahy Scholars Program (2008)
Loyola University Women in Science Enabling Research (WISER) Scholar (2008)
Rainshadow Research Undergraduate Research Award, Pullman, Washington (2007)


2014 (Forthcoming) Morgan, Brooke M.. Metin I. Eren, Nada Khreisheh, Genevieve Hill, and Bruce Bradley. Clovis bipolar lithic reduction at Paleo Crossing, Ohio: a reinterpretation based on the examination of experimental replications. In Clovis: Current Perspectives on Technology, Chronology, and Adaptations, edited by Thomas Jennings and Ashley Smallwood.

2012 Eppich, Keith, Brooke Morgan, Dawn Crawford, Kylie Quave, and Sunday Eiselt. Student Laboratory Manual for ANTH 2363: The Science of the Human Past. Manuscript on file at the Department of Anthropology, Southern Methodist University.

2011 Eren, Metin I., Andrew Boehm, Brooke M. Morgan, Richard Anderson, and Brian Andrews. Flaked stone taphonomy: a controlled experimental study of the effects of sediment consolidation on flake edge morphology. Journal of Taphonomy 9: 201-217.

2008 Morgan, Brooke M., Daniel S. Amick, and Colleen Maroney. Organization of Clovis Mobility and Settlement at the Mueller-Keck Site Complex at Southwestern Illinois. Current Research in the Pleistocene 25: 78-80.

2008 Morgan, Brooke M. Emerging Models of Clovis Settlement Organization at the Mueller-Keck Site Complex, Southwestern Illinois. BS Honors Thesis. Manuscript on file at the Department of Anthropology, Loyola University Chicago.