Beibei Yan





BA Hausa Linguistic and Language, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China, 2004
MA Applied Linguistic, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China, 2007
MA Anthropology, Tulane University, 2009
MA Anthropology, Southern Methodist University
PhD Anthropology, Southern Methodist University, 2016

Title of Dissertation: "From China to Zambia: the New Chinese Migrants in Africa under Global Capitalism."

Research Interests:

Region: Hausa-speaking West Africa, especially northern Nigeria

Interests: Gender and Sexuality, Marriage and Family, Islam, Social change, Medical Anthropology, HIV/AIDS transmission


M.A. thesis (2009):

Social Change and the Transformation of Hausa Women's Status and Domestic Life, 1800-2000 (in English)

M.A. thesis (2007):

A Study of Beijing Intellectuals' Choices of Spouses and Their Activities of Using Internet to Find Spouses (in Chinese)

B.A. thesis (2004):

HIV/AIDS Transmission in the Hausa Society in Northern Nigeria (in Hausa)

Entered program in 2009

Region of Study:

Northern Nigeria, West Africa