Maribeth Kuenzi

Associate Professor of Management
Merriman Family Foundation Endowed Professor in Economic Growth and Leadership Development
Director, Niemi Center for Economic Growth and Leadership Development

PhD, Business Administration, University of Central Florida
MS, Psychology, Illinois Wesleyan University
BA, Psychology, Illinois Wesleyan University

Management and Organizations

  • Teaching

    MNO 6201/6474 Managing and Leading People

    MNO 6215 Master Negotiations

    MNO 6232 Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility

    MNO 3370 Management

    MNO 3375 Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethical Leadership


  • Research

    Organizational Climate

    Ethical Leadership

    Leadership Mindsets

    Business Ethics

  • Select Publications

    Kuenzi, M., Mayer, D, M., Greenbaum, R. L. (2020). Creating an ethical organizational environment: The relationship between ethical leadership, ethical climate and unethical behavior). Personnel Psychology.

    Marquardt, D., Casper, W., & Kuenzi, M. (2020). Leader goal orientation and ethical leadership:  A socio-cognitive approach to the impact of leader goal-oriented behavior on employee unethical behavior. Business Ethics Quarterly, 1-17.

    Pinkley, R. L., Conlon, D. E., Sawyer, J. E., Sleesman, D. J., Vandewalle, D., & Kuenzi, M. (2019). The Power of phantom alternatives in negotiation: How what could be haunts what is.Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

    Kuenzi, M., Brown, M., Mayer, D. M., & Priesemuth, M. (2019) Supervisor-Subordinate (Dis)agreement on Ethical Leadership: An Investigation of its Antecedents and Relationship to Organizational Deviance. Business Ethics Quarterly, 29, 25-53.

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