Hudson Sessions

Assistant Professor

PhD, Arizona State University

Management and Organizations

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  • Bio

    Hudson Sessions is a graduate of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University. He is interested in how people proactively shape their work lives to take control and capitalize on opportunities. This includes people who take on multiple jobs, such as hybrid entrepreneurs (people who launch entrepreneurial ventures alongside their day jobs), micro-entrepreneurs (people who self-direct supplementary gigs that have minimal start-up costs and risks), and plural careerists (people who intend to maintain multiple careers simultaneously). He also researches the experiences of gig workers, ranging from those who are empowered by their work to those who are exploited. Additionally, his research addresses people who speak up to improve the status quo at work and the friction that often arises in their efforts to innovateHis work has been published in the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Journal of Management. Hudson worked in public accounting and for a non-profit organization prior to entering academia. He enjoys engaging with students about how to manage others (and themselves) to cultivate success and well-being at work.

  • Teaching

    Leading Teams and Organization (MBA/MSM, MNO6202)

    Management (Undergraduate, MNO3370)

  • Research

    Multiple jobholders (hybrid entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs, plural careerists), gig work, and speaking up to improve the status quo
  • Select Publications

    Sessions, H., & Pychlau, S. (In press).Self-inconsistency or self-expansion from wearing multiple hats? The daily effects of enacting multiple professional identities on work meaningfulness. Journal of Applied Psychology.

    Sessions, H., Baer, M. D., & Nahrgang, J.D.(2023). From free pastures to penned in: The within-person effects of psychological reactance on side-hustlers’ hostility and initiative in full-time Work. Journal of Applied Psychology, 108: 1979–1997.

    Newton, D., Sessions, H., Lam, C. F., Welsh, D. T, & Wu, W.(2023). Loaded down from speaking up: A resource-based examination of voicer regret following supervisor delegation. Journal of Management.

    Sessions, H., Nahrgang, J. D., Baer, M. D., & Welsh, D. T.(2022). From zero to hero and back to zero: The consequences of status inconsistency between the work roles of multiple jobholders. Journal of Applied Psychology, 107: 1369–1384.

    Bartels, A., Nahrgang, J. D., Sessions, H., Wilson, K., Wu, L., & Law-Penrose, J. (2022). With a frown or a smile: How leader affective states spark the leader‐follower reciprocal exchange processPersonnel Psychology,75: 147–177.

    Baer, M. D., Sessions, H.Matta, F., & Welsh, D. T.(2022). Motivated to “roll the dice” on trust: The relationships between employees’ daily motives, risk propensity, and trust. Journal of Applied Psychology, 107: 1561–1578.

    Sessions, H., Nahrgang, J. D., Vaulont, M., Williams, R., & Bartels, A. (2021). Do the hustle! Empowerment from side-hustles and its effects on full-time work performance. Academy of Management Journal, 64: 235–264.

                Media Attention: Forbes,Wall Street Journal (Publication),Wall Street Journal: As We Work (Podcast)

    Zipay, K. P., Mitchell, M. S., Baer, M. D., Sessions, H., & Bies, R. J. (2021). Lenient reactions to misconduct: Examining the self-conscious process of being lenient to others at work. Academy of Management Journal, 64: 351–377.

    Sessions, H., Nahrgang, J. D., Newton, D., & Chamberlin, M. (2020). I’m tired of listening: The effects of supervisor appraisals of group voice on supervisor emotional exhaustion and performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 105: 619–636.

    Welsh, D. T., Baer, M. D., &Sessions, H.(2020). Hot pursuit: The affective consequences of organization-set versus self-set goals for emotional exhaustion and citizenship behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology, 105: 166–185.

    Nahrgang, J. D., Sessions, H.,Vaulont, M., & Bartels, A. (March 18, 2020). Make your side-hustle work. Harvard Business Review(Online).

    Outlaw, R., Colquitt, J. A., Baer, M. D., &Sessions, H.(2019). How fair versus how long: An integrative theory-based examination of procedural justice and procedural timeliness. Personnel Psychology,72: 361–391.