Gauri Bhat

Associate Professor
Ernst & Young Faculty Fellow

PhD, Accounting, University of Toronto


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  • Bio

    Gauri Bhat brings a unique duality of skills having combined industry experience in audit with a big-four audit firm and risk management in the corporate banking division of a multinational bank with over a decade of experience in research and teaching in academia. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. She is a CFA charter holder and holds professional designations as a chartered accountant and a cost accountant. Her research expertise lies in understanding and analyzing several attributes of the banking industry in the US. Her research has been published in leading academic journals and focuses on financial reporting by financial institutions. She has presented her research at several leading universities and conferences in the US and internationally. She has taught financial accounting, managerial accounting, and bank financial statement analysis courses. Currently, she teaches strategic cost analysis at the executive and graduate levels at Cox. Before entering academia, she worked as an auditor with KPMG and held a management position in the Corporate Banking Risk Management Group at Citibank. 
  • Teaching

    BA 6040 Strategic Cost Analysis
    ACCT 6205 Strategic Cost Analysis
  • Research

    Banking, Risk Management, Financial Institutions, CDS Markets, IFRS
  • Select Publications

    Bhat, G., J. Lee, and S. Ryan. 2021. Using Loan Loss Indicators by Loan Type to Sharpen the valuation of Banks’ Loan Loss Accruals.Accounting Horizons. Forthcoming


    Bhat, G., and H. Desai. 2020. Bank Capital and Loan Monitoring. The Accounting Review 95 (3): 85–114.


    Bhat, G., S. Ryan, and D. Vyas. The Implications of Credit Risk Modeling for Banks’ Loan Loss Provisions and Loan Origination Procyclicality. Management Science. Accepted January 2018

    Bhat, G., J. L. Callen, and D. Segal. 2016. Testing the Transparency Implications of Mandatory IFRS Adoption: The Spread/Maturity Relation of Credit Default Swaps. Management Science 62(12):3472-3493.
    Bhat, G., and S. Ryan. 2015. The Impact of Risk-Modeling Disclosures on the Market Perception of Banks’ Estimated Fair Value Gains and Losses for Financial Instruments. Accounting, Organizations and Society Volume 46, pages 81-95
    Bhat, G., J. L. Callen, and D. Segal. 2014. Credit risk and ifrs: The case of credit default swaps. Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance 29(2): 129-162.
    Bhat, G., R. Frankel, and X. Martin. 2011. Panacea, Pandora's box, or placebo: Feedback in bank mortgage-backed security holdings and fair value accounting.  Journal of Accounting and Economics, Volume 52, Issues 2-3, Pages 153-173.
    Bhat, G., O. Hope, and T. Kang. 2006. Does Corporate Governance Transparency Affect the Accuracy of Analyst Forecasts? Accounting and Finance, Vol. 46, No. 5, pp. 715-732