Latino Leadership Initiative


Even though extensive research has brought about greater understanding of Latinos as a consumer group, minimal attention has been given to the area of talent management.  The Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI) is meeting this need through new and relevant insights on key issues surrounding Latinos in the workforce.  

Latino Research Study

This study will identify the drivers of employee commitment, retention, and turnover among Latino employees, and will examine whether these drivers differ from other employee groups.  

The study will examine:

  • Turnover intentions
  • Perceived fit with the organization
  • Job characteristics
  • Relationship with supervisor and coworkers
  • Supervisor behaviors
  • Satisfaction with organizational policies
  • Work/family conflict
  • Job and life satisfaction
  • Organizational climate

To learn more about the research and insights provided by the LLI, please email or call (214) 768-8232.