Latino Leadership Initiative


Latinos are tomorrow's prime source of executive talent and consumer demand. They are the largest minority group in America representing over 18% of the U.S. population. Despite being the fastest growing talent pool in the U.S., Latinos represent less than 3% of executive positions in public corporations, and only 7% of middle management. While research shows that Latinos progress to middle management ranks more rapidly than any other group, they move beyond that level to higher positions more slowly, and a key reason is cultural differences.  

The Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI) has collaborated with senior executives representing the LLI founding corporate sponsors to develop innovative leadership development programs and curriculum to accelerate and expand the Latino talent pool for participating companies.  

Through the Rising Latino Leaders Program and Corporate Executive Development Program, participants are given the tools to strategically respond to the challenges and the opportunities presented by cultural differences in leadership development.  

To learn more about RLL or CEDP, please email or call (214) 768-8232.

Corporate Executive Development Program

The Corporate Executive Development Program (CEDP) is delivered in three phases over the course of nine months. Each phase consists of three and one-half days of instruction combined with intervening project work and individual development activities.  Participants of the program are mid-level Latino managers with track records of success and potential to ascend to executive positions. They are sponsored by high level executives in their business unit or function and by executives responsible for developing talent in their organizations to meet the emerging needs of their global markets.  

Program Objectives

  • Accelerate Latino middle managers' progress into executive positions
  • Prepare participants for sustained success at executive levels


Rising Latino Leaders Program

The Rising Latino Leaders Program is a week-long development program that addresses two critical issues: the transition from individual contributor and first-line supervisor to middle management; and cultural awareness of how certain aspects of Latino culture affect performance and achievement.

Program Objectives

  • Raise awareness of how certain aspects of Latino culture affect performance and achievement
  • Provide tools to address cultural issues without losing authenticity
  • Aid the transition from individual contributors and supervisors to middle management
  • Develop critical business and leadership skills
  • Prepare participants for sustained success at higher levels