Latino Leadership Initiative

Latino Leadership Initiative

Representing nearly one in five U.S. residents, Latinos have accounted for more than three-quarters of U.S. labor force growth and are estimated to drive almost 25% of GDP growth. And because 60% of Hispanics are age 35 or younger, this positive impact will continue for decades to come.

These trends offer a great opportunity for American business. Among corporate executives, Latino representation is just 4%. Taking action to close the Latino leadership gap isn’t just about leveling the playing field—it’s about reaching an exploding market and unlocking the performance potential of a critical and growing segment of the workforce.

In November of 2013, the SMU Cox School of Business' Executive Education department, along with ten founding corporate members, launched the SMU Cox Latino Leadership Initiative to aid companies in addressing these challenges. The SMU Cox Latino Leadership Initiative assists participating companies in recruiting, developing and retaining high-performance Latino executives who will drive business growth, creating a sustainable competitive advantage for their companies.

Pillars of Service

Corporate members benefit from initiatives in four interlinked areas:

  • Develop: Individual Development for High-Potential Latino Managers
  • Engage: Organizational Development to Build Multicultural Competence
  • Educate: Exclusive Business Insights through Latino-Focused Research
  • Transform: Industry Leadership and Investment in Communities and Schools

The SMU Cox Latino Leadership Initiative provides organizations the opportunity to harness ideas and experiences to help inform and shape talent and business decisions.