The Commercial Diplomacy Initiative

Advancing National Interest And Supporting U.S. Firms Globally

The Commercial Diplomacy Initiative is dedicated to enabling a perpetual economic advantage for the United States and its allies and partners while preserving entrepreneurial principles and values.  

The foundation of our approach is the fostering of creative collaboration between the private sector, government, and academia in ways that promote decentralized and informal communication, connect diverse stakeholders, and nurture an increased understanding of each other's objectives, constraints, and resources. 

We invite you to participate in our upcoming events and initiatives and encourage you to connect with us to navigate the challenges and opportunities of our time. 

Jason Galui 
Executive Director

  • Event Spotlight

    Five Days in Dallas

    December 5-9, 2022 | In Collaboration with U.S. Diplomatic Studies Foundation


    The first "Five Days in Dallas to Advance Commercial Diplomacy" brought together leaders from the U.S. private sector and government together to creatively collaborate on how to tackle the transformational changes in geopolitical competition while keeping the American entrepreneurial spirit strong. Read more on the Five Days in Dallas to Advance Commercial Diplomacy.


    Five Days in Dallas - Commercial Diplomacy Event - Cox - 2


    “Attending the Five Day course is the first step in the discovery phase of how the Special Operations Community can better equip itself to respond to emerging threats by employing unconventional or irregular warfare tactics to secure the liberties we value so much." 

    Scott McCombs 
    Warrant Officer, U.S Army





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