SMU Cox Extends GMAT/GRE Test-Optional Policy

by Anna Martinez|

Cox School Continues to Streamline Grad School Application Process 

Dallas, TX (SMU), Sept. 2, 2020 — In response to the continued challenges posed by COVID-19, the SMU Cox School of Business, one of the first business schools in the nation to allow the GMAT/GRE to be test-optional because of the pandemic, will continue to streamline application requirements, most notably its GMAT/GRE test-optional policy, for all SMU Cox graduate programs through August 2021.

“The last few months have been among the most challenging our students and prospective students have ever faced. Our goal is to give our graduate school applicants as much flexibility as possible in the face of test center closures. Streamlining the experience during this time period makes sense, and it’s the right thing to do,” said Matthew B. Myers, dean of the Cox School of Business and Tolleson Chair in Business Leadership.


“The decision to continue our GMAT/GRE test-optional policy through August 2021 allows the Cox School to eliminate barriers to help alleviate anxiety and provide flexibility for those individuals applying to Cox,” said Shane Goodwin, associate dean of Graduate Programs and Executive Education. “Moreover, our admissions team devotes significant time during the interview process to evaluating each candidate’s leadership ability and potential, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities. In addition to technical and interpersonal skills, we have found that assessing a candidate’s meta-skills (intellectual curiosity, self-awareness, resilience, adaptability, etc.) are more predictive of success than a standardized test score.”       


To further accommodate applicants who are dealing with testing center closures and other challenges related to COVID-19, test waivers extend to TOEFL and other language exam requirements on Cox graduate school applications, as well as the Executive Assessment option for Professional MBA and Online MBA applicants. Students applying to spring 2021, summer 2021 and fall 2021 entry terms may choose whether to submit a GMAT, GRE, Executive Assessment or TOEFL/IELTS score as a part of their application. Application fees for all Cox graduate programs will also continue to be waived for spring, summer and fall 2021 entry.


SMU Cox offers a full array of rigorous graduate programs including the Two-Year and One-Year Full-Time MBA, Professional MBA (part-time), Executive MBA, Online MBA and MBA Direct, as well as Master of Science degree programs in accounting, business analytics, finance, and management. For specific questions, applicants should contact SMU Cox program offices:

Executive MBA - 214-768-3154,
Next application deadline: Rolling admissions

Full-Time MBA
 - 214-768-1214,
Next application deadline: October 12, 2020

Professional MBA - 214-768-3048,
Next application deadline: September 14, 2020

Online MBA & MBA Direct
 - 214-842-6486,
Next application deadline: September 25, 2020

MS Programs 214-768-1214,
Next application deadline: October 12, 2020

About SMU Cox
In 2020, the Cox School of Business celebrates 100 years of business education at SMU. The Cox School of Business is committed to influencing the way the world conducts business via prolific research that provokes innovation, change and global thought leadership. SMU Cox offers a full-range of business education programs including BBA, Two-Year and One-Year Full-Time MBA, Professional MBA (part-time), Executive MBA, Online MBA, MBA Direct, and Master’s degree programs, as well as Executive Education. Consistently ranked among the world’s leading business schools, SMU Cox maintains an active alumni network around the world. The Cox School of Business is accredited by AACSB.