The Global Leadership Program

Cox was a pioneer in mandating global immersion, and the Global Leadership Program builds on the deep personal relationships we've developed with international business leaders. This makes it a unique program. Much more than a tour of regional HQs, this year-long learning experience sends you to meet and learn from C-level executives abroad who live and breathe the global marketplace.

The result: You get firsthand insights into the factors that impact business in a region that interests you, learn how emerging economies are influencing business at home and experience the globalized world from a new vantage point. You might be surprised. Mandated for all full-time MBA students, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will give you a competitive edge and prepare you for a career anywhere.

Research Your Region

During your first and second semesters at Cox you'll take a deep dive into the geographic region of your choice: India, East Asia, Latin America or Europe.

Study the history, political climate, economy, culture and business etiquette of various countries within your region. Local experts and executives from global corporations will share their insights and deepen your understanding. Visits to regional offices of international corporations will prepare you to engage executives abroad.

One year of preparation, 26,000 miles traveled, three cities, two countries, 11 amazing companies, 32 closer friends, a lifetime of memories. I don't know why a trip like this is not a standard for all business programs.

— GLP Asia, 2004

Experience It

At the end of your second semester you set off on your multi-day international immersion trip to the region that you've researched. Past trips have included visits to international business hubs like Seoul, Paris, Tokyo and Buenos Aires. In 2016, a group visited Havana, Cuba. Airfare, hotel stay and most meals are subsidized by the Cox School and our corporate sponsors.

While abroad, your daily itinerary includes:

  • Meetings with C-level executives
  • Discussions with government officials on political policies influencing the region
  • Tours of important cultural and historical sites

Plus, you’ll have free time to explore the city with your peers.

During a lot of my interviews I've been asked what type of international business I've experienced. I can say that I've seen different parts of the world that are growing and emerging, and how that has an impact on the U.S. economy as a whole and specifically on the business that I'm interviewing with.

TJ Hill MBA '11

Global Is Cox

Not sure if you'll be opting for a full-time MBA? Cox offers international experience and a chance to connect globally across all of our Masters programs.

Professional MBA and One-Year MBA students choose a one-week international trip to Europe, Latin America, Asia or the United Arab Emirates. These trips combine classroom instruction and visits to leading corporations.

Executive MBA students get international business experience through two study trips to countries such as Vietnam, China, Cuba and Mexico. Together, these trips represent a graded three credit hour course.

MSA students can take a professional development trip to London, England that includes office visits and cultural exploration.