Art Selender

Clinical Professor

PhD, University of Chicago


  • Bio

    Dr. Arthur Selender has a PhD in Finance from the University of Chicago, and has extensive experience as both a Practitioner and a Professor of Finance. He managed an analytical Options Fund for Cogent Partners for two years, returning 20.26% in 2007 and 6.26% in 2008. He has held positions at top institutions, including NatWest Markets where he ran Currency Exotic Options Sales and Structured Marketing, Goldman Sachs & Co., and McKinsey & Co. He has advised many institutions, including, UBS Asset Management.

    Dr. Selender is currently a Professor of Practice in Finance at Cox business school at the Southern Methodist University, where he teaches classes to MBAs and MSFs in financial management, Portfolio Management, and Derivatives. He is also an adjunct professor of finance at the University of Luxembourg where he lectures on structured products.

    Dr. Selender is a Special Consultant to Findex, Australia on Hedge Fund and Fixed Income Investments and manages their Tail Risk Hedging strategy.
    He is also CIO and one of the founders of Four Peaks Wealth Management. He is an advisor to and board member for several corporations, including Hover Inc., a company which sells state of the art wind turbines globally.

    Dr. Selender was a professor at Maastricht University, the Amsterdam Institute of Finance, and Southern Methodist University where he developed and taught many Executive, PhD, MBA and undergraduate finance courses. Dr Selender was an adjunct Professor of Finance at Southern Methodist University and was a clinical professor of finance at the University of Texas in Dallas, teaching several finance classes to MBA and MSF students. This included classes in Fixed Income,Valuations, Private Equity, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, and Alternative Assets.

  • Teaching

    FINA 4325 Advanced Financial Management
    FINA 5241 Quantitative Trading and Strategies
    FINA 6216 Portfolio Theory & Asset Price
    FINA 6226 Quantitative Trading Strategies
    FINA 6231 Practicum-Portfolio Management II
    FINA 6219 Derivatives
    FINA 6280 Directed Studies in Finance