Reservation Rates

  • Stanchions: $5
  • Podium: $25
  • Special seating:
    • Armchair: $15
    • Couch: $20
    • Barstool: $15
  • Stage section: $75
    • Includes skirting and stairs
  • No fees, room charges, or additional item charges, with exceptions for damages, late requests, or special requests
  • Includes chartered, temporary, campus ministry organizations, fraternities and sororities, graduate councils, graduate student organizations
  • No room charges
  • All fees (Facility, Setup)
  • Additional item charges
  • All fees and reservation rates
  • Additional item charges
The room charge is applied to the entirety of the reservation, including client setup and teardown time.

The facility fee reflects wear and tear on furniture, surfaces, and built-in AV equipment. This is a daily fee.

  • Includes use of self-serve AV equipment.
  • Additional AV needs (equipment, labor) will incur a charge from OIT.

Set up fees are not charged for static conference rooms.

  • Clients may choose to set up their own room in some spaces – failure to return the room to the standard setup may result in a fee.

Setup fees may include:

  • A flat fee (to reflect an estimate of student worker labor)
    • Typically L1 and L2 meeting rooms
    • $20-$50 depending on the complexity of the request
  • An itemized invoice from Facilities
    • Typically Ballroom setups
    • Includes an hourly rate for labor