University Curriculum (UC) - matriculation from Fall 2016 to Spring 2020

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Summary of the University Curriculum

The UC's main coursework components are Foundations, Breadth, and Depth. In addition, there are seven Proficiencies and Experiences that can be satisfied through course-based or non-course-based experiences. The UC emphasizes Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), which identify what students think about, learn and experience. Most students will complete these outcomes through credit-hour accumulation, but some students may choose non-course or non-credit activities. The UC can be met through work in a student's major(s) or minor(s), elective courses or approved activities.

University Curriculum Requirements

Foundations (8-25 credits)

    • Discernment and Discourse
    • Personal Responsibility & Wellness I
    • Personal Responsibility & Wellness II
    • Quantitative Foundation
    • Second Language
    • Ways of Knowing

Breadth (12-22 credits)

    • Creativity and Aesthetics
    • Historical Contexts
    • Individuals, Institutions and Cultures
    • Language and Literature
    • Philosophical and Religious Inquiry and Ethics
    • Science and Engineering
    • Technology and Mathematics

Depth (6-10 credits)

    • History, Social and Behavioral Sciences
    • Humanities and Fine Arts
    • Natural and Applied Sciences

Proficiencies and Experiences

    * Denotes REQUIRED Proficiences and Experiences.