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Hilltop Scholars Program

Welcome to the Hilltop Scholars Program (HSP), SMU's premier first-year honors community.

Students who have demonstrated high academic achievement and an interest in service and leadership on their applications to SMU may be invited to join the Hilltop Scholars Program. We offer select courses that HSP students can take together to form a strong academic foundation. We also host social and cultural events and offer various information sessions from University Advising and other departments to help our students maximize their educational experience on campus. The program provides opportunities for community service projects and philanthropies in the Dallas area.

Hilltop Scholars gives SMU’s best and brightest incoming students the chance to shine early in their college careers and shapes them into campus leaders. We select students who have much to offer the University and the community; therefore, consider it an honor to have been chosen for HSP!

Featured Hilltop Scholars

Tiffany Lam

Tiffany Lam

"Every individual in the program is extremely driven and passionate about making an impact in the community, so it's thrilling to know that I'm surrounded by people who are going to make the world a better place."

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Nicholas J. Fontela

"The Hilltop Scholars Program was an incredible way to start my academic, service, and leadership career at SMU!"

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