The Office of Institutional Research

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research.

This office provides information to internal and external constituencies in support of its mission to provide accurate, timely, and useful information. The office collects and analyzes data about the university to enhance the quality of the decision-making process for those leading the institution. A major portion of effort is dedicated to federal reporting and state reporting through the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT) as well as providing university information to guidebooks and other providers of university information. The Office of Institutional Research serves as the primary contact for the Colonial Group Data Exchanges. Additionally, the Enrollment Management Research Group (EMRG) works closely with the Vice President for Enrollment Management to compile, analyze and present information for the Division of Enrollment Services (DES), which assists them in reaching the University’s strategic enrollment goals.

Staff Information:

The Office of Institutional Research at Southern Methodist University is housed in Perkins Administration Building and is comprised of three positions focused specifically on institutional research efforts, and two positions focused on issues related to enrollment management. The office is responsible for providing accurate, timely information to, and about, the university to various constituencies.

Michael TumeoDedman
Director, Institutional Research

Vinay Ramachandra
Associate Director

Robin DeVore
Research Analyst

Sarah Sage
Project Manager

Roderick Warner
Data Analyst

Enrollment Management Research Group (EMRG):

Matt DeMonbrun
Associate Director

Caroline Kirschner
Data Analyst

Stephen Forrest
Senior Data Analyst

Shikha Pandey
Data Analyst

Salma Mirza
Senior Data Visualization Specialist