Youth Ministry Certification

Certification Paraprofessional and Professional Track

Certification demonstrates that the student has met certain standards and achieved a level of competency set by the denomination in faith formation, membership in the United Methodist Church, academic training and experience, and continuing study in the area of specialization. Students must complete five required courses and meet the standards set by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church in order to receive certification. Candidates are certified by their annual conference Board of Ordained Ministry in cooperation with the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

Students who qualify for enrollment in the United Methodist Certification program may follow one of two “tracks” for the five required courses – paraprofessional or professional.

Paraprofessional Track: Persons who are working in an area of specialized ministry but who may not have an undergraduate degree may seek paraprofessional certification. Students in this track will receive certification credit from GBHEM but will not receive academic credit. 

Download Para HE 4065 Enrollment Form for GBHEM if you are a first-time paraprofessional student.  

Professional Track: Students seeking professional certification in an area of specialized ministry must hold a bachelor’s degree and submit transcripts of their undergraduate and any previous graduate work in order to enroll. They receive graduate academic credit upon successful completion of each course and are eligible for scholarship funds from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. 

Download HE 4064 Enrollment Form for Professional Certification from GBHEM if you are a first-time professional student.

Professional certification students are required to submit a course request form for Perkins in addition to registration. If you are registering as a PROFESSIONAL, you are not officially registered until a course request form is completed and received no later than December 2 in the Office of External Programs. It can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the following:

Perkins School of Theology
Office of External Programs
PO Box 750133
Dallas, TX 75275-0133
Fax: 214.768.2117

Download Course Request Form

Registration for certification courses on the professional track requires an earned Bachelor's degree as a prerequisite and an official undergraduate transcript on file with Perkins. If you are a new student, please request from your undergraduate school that an official transcript be sent to the Office of External Programs at the address above.

Candidates for certification on the professional track earn two hours of credit per course. Credits are generally not applicable toward current Perkins graduate degree course requirements.