Research in Computational and Applied Mathematics

Faculty members are actively working in the areas of:
  • Applied mathematics: fluid dynamics, nonlinear wave phenomena, singular perturbation methods, nonlinear dynamical systems, ordinary and partial differential equations, electromagnetic wave propagation, and mathematical biology.                                                                                              
  • Numerical analysis: numerical analysis of ordinary differential equations, initial and boundary value problems, finite element and boundary element methods for partial differential equations, numerical bifurcation theory, numerical linear algebra, quadrature, and special functions.                                                                             
  • Scientific computation: mathematical software, parallel computation, free-surface fluid dynamics, three-dimensional vortex reconnection, stability of shear flows, computational electromagnetics, injection lasers, multiphase flow, and foam rheology.

Research Topics


Finite Element Computations                                                  Dynamical Systems



Fluid Mechanics                                                                Numerical Methods for ODEs


Nonlinear Waves                                                         Boundary Element Computations

Foam Structure