SMU Faculty Writing Fellowship

The CPH supports scholars at its home institution of Southern Methodist University who are at the Associate Professor rank and who are working on a book manuscript project. The SMU Writing Fellowship provides that scholar a one-semester sabbatical from teaching during the final stages of their project.


Erin HochmanGermany Unbound: The Politics of German Diaspora in the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich


(Spring 2021)

Dan Orlovsky -  A History of the Russian Provincial Government of 1917

(Spring 2020)

Alexis McCrossen -  Time's Touch Stone: The New Year in American Life

(Spring 2019)

Ed Countryman -  Distinctive Nation: A Colonial Situation, a Revolution, and the Fate of the American Republic

(Fall 2018)

Kathleen Wellman -  Hijacking History: How the Christian Right Teaches History and Why It Matters

(Spring 2018)

Crista DeLuzio -  Brothers and Sisters: Sibling Relations in American Culture at the Turn of the Century

(Spring 2017)

Kate Carté Engel - The Cause of True Religion

(Spring 2016)

Sabri Ates - In the Name of the Nation and the Caliph: The Sheik Ubeidullah Rebellion of 1880

(Spring 2015)

Melissa Dowling - The Cult of Isis and the Suffering Heroine: Heliodorus’ Aithiopika

(Spring 2014)

Thomas Knock - The Rise of Prairie Statesman: The Life and Times of George McGovern