Technical Reports

Listing of the technical reports produced by the Department of Statistical Science.

Research Groups

Brain Imaging

Rapid advances in medical imaging of the human brain are imposing unprecedented demands for new statistical methods that can be used to detect small differences in brain activity between normal individuals and individuals suffering from brain dysfunction. Stimulated by and in collaboration with Dr. Robert Haley of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Professors Richard F. Gunst, William R. Schucany, and Wayne A. Woodward are leading a group of researchers in the Department of Statistical Science in the development of innovative statistical procedures that will allow more powerful comparisons of brain activity signals from structures deep within the brain than the statistical methods that are currently in use. Read more.

Educational Statistics

Professors S. Lynne Stokes, Ian R. Harris, and Jung Cao have an educational statistics research group. Professors Stokes and Cao have a grant from the Institute of Educational Sciences at the Department of Education entitled "Examination of Low Motivation in 12th Grade NAEP." This project involves examining data from 12th graders taking the National Assessment of Educational Progress to determine if there are test-taking behaviors indicative of low motivation that might explain the failure of the scores to increase, as other measures of high school readiness have increased. Read more.