Technical Reports

Listing of the technical reports produced by the Department of Statistical Science.

Research Groups 

Educational Statistics

Lynne Stokes directs a team of Ph.D. students working on two projects related to Gulf of Mexico fisheries. The first, funded through a contract with NOAA, is developing and evaluating new methods for estimating catch of recreational anglers. These methods augment data from traditional surveys of anglers with real-time electronic self-reports. These new methods are being considered as replacements or supplements for NOAA’s current data collection methods. The second project, The Great Red Snapper Count, is a two-year $10 million effort by a multi-disciplinary team of 21 researchers who will provide a fisheries independent estimate of the abundance of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. The SMU team provides statistical support for the project, which will require integrating a variety of data collection and estimation strategies across the Gulf.