Requirements for a Minor in Mathematics


Math 1337 Calculus with Analytical Geometry I
Math 1338 Calculus with Analytical Geometry II
Math 2339 Calculus with Analytical Geometry III

Advanced Courses Three courses selected from mathematics courses at the advanced (3000+) level. Math 2343 Elementary Differential Equations may replace an advanced level mathematics course.
Sample Advanced Program Math 2343 Elementary Differential Equations
Math 3315 Introduction to Scientific Computing
Math 3353 Introduction to Linear Algebra
Total Minor requires 18 semester hours in mathematics.

A candidate for a mathematics minor must attain a minimum grade of C- in all mathematics courses taken in fulfillment of the minor requirements. A candidate for a minor must also complete 50 percent of the advanced work required in the minor at SMU. This means only one advanced course in the minor may be taken at another university.

To get more information about a mathematics minor, contact Professor Yunkai Zhou (Advisor for the Mathematics Minor) in Room 133 Clements Hall or at yzhou@smu.edu.