My name is Robert D. Boyd, Jr. I’m from Atlanta, GA and majored in History with a minor in Business. I start work in June with Merrill Lynch in their wealth management division.”

--Why did you choose to major in history? “I chose to pursue a passion for something I loved; my grandfather regularly discussed history with me as a boy and his influence instilled a lifelong passion.”

--How do you think your history major helped to prepare you for your career? "History prepared me for a job in finance by teaching research and analytical skills that will allow me to see data or news stories and then consider their larger global impact in a historical context. Understanding a particular nation’s past can yield insight as to how they may react to events in the future.”

--What advice do you have for other students? “I would say pursue a major that you love and don’t listen to what anyone else tells you. I think every day about how much I am going to miss the professors I got to know and classes I took. A lot of my friends who pursued a major that either seemed popular or that their parents forced them into absolutely hated going to class and what they learning, which could not be farther from the truth in my case. A history major does not limit your potential career opportunities; it opens unlimited doors into virtually every field.”