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related (selected) journal articles and books

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Land Subsidence

related (selected) journal articles and books

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related (selected) journal articles and books

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Wink Sinkholes

(cumulative vertical deformation 04/21/2015~08/31/2015)
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Kim, J.-W. Lu, Z., and Degrandpre, K. Ongoing deformation of sinkholes in Wink, Texas, observed by time-series Sentinel-1A SAR interferometry (preliminary results), Remote Sensing, 8, 313, doi:10.3390/rs8040313, 2016.

Group Members

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 Zhong Lu  Professor
 Shuler-Foscue Chair

 Heroy 213
 Jin Woo Kim  Research Scientist

 Heroy 210
 Feifei Qu  PosDoc Researcher  Heroy 325

 Yusuf Eshqi Molan  PhD Student  Heroy 233

 Kimberly Degrandpre
 PhD Student

 Heroy 248
 Yuankun Xu  PhD Student  Heroy 233

 Weiyu Zheng
 PhD Student

 Heroy 233
 Xie Hu  Former Student

 Sankarambadi Navneet

 Former Student

 Teng Wang  Former PostDoc

 Wei Qu

 Former Visitor    
 Xianjie Zha  Former Visitor    

 Zhiyang Dai  Former Visitor    

 Yun Shi  Former Visitor    

 Sung-Hwan Park  Former Visitor    




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