Matt Hornbach




Phone: 512-636-5030

Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Wyoming


  • Marine geology and geophysics
  • Gas hydrates
  • Heat flow and fluid flow
  • Paleoseismology and geohazards

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Courses Taught

GEOL 1305 - Introduction to Oceanography
GEOL 3374 - Introduction to Petroleum Geology
GEOL 5384 - Hydrogeology
GEOL 5392 - Introduction to Exploration Seismology
GEOL 6375 - Theory of Heat Flow and Diffusion
GEOL 6309 - Special Topics in Exploration Seismology
GEOL 7360 - Intro to Continuum Mechanics and Numerical Modeling in The Earth Sciences
GEOL 5399 - Special Topics in Earth Sciences (JTERM): Assessing Geological Hazards in Jamaica, A Field-Based Approach

Currently Funded Research Projects

Lesser Antilles Volcanism and Landslides, IODP LEG 340 (NSF-IODP) 
Gas Hydrate Dynamics on the Alaskan Beaufort Continental Slope: Modeling and Field Characterization (DOE) 
Assessing Geohazards in Kingston, Jamaica (SEG-GWB).

Journal Publications

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