Stephen Arrowsmith


Associate Professor
Hamilton Chair in Earth Sciences


Phone: 214-768-2623

Educational Background

Ph.D. University of Leeds


* Seismology and infrasound for national security

* Source models

* Wave propagation

* Inverse theory

* Digital Signal Processing

Courses Taught

GEOL 7355 Seminar in Geophysics: Big data in seismology

Research Statement

Stephen Arrowsmith's research centers on addressing practical and fundamental problems in seismology and infrasound using advanced signal processing algorithms and numerical modeling. He has worked extensively on research problems in infrasound and seismology for various national security applications (these include nuclear explosion monitoring, nuclear forensics, and other defense applications) at the national laboratories. His research focuses on developing data processing and modeling algorithms that can be implemented to address practical questions (e.g., when/where/what was an event?), as well as more fundamental questions (e.g., how do earthquakes generate infrasound?). For addressing practical problems, the emphasis of Stephens research has been to reconcile theory and practice for all aspects of infrasound monitoring (i.e., from source to receiver) by developing algorithms that incorporate state-of-the-art theory, or learn from data where theory is lacking, while also including a sufficient treatment of uncertainty to make them useful as practical tools. Stephen has led several initiatives to develop new applications for infrasound, such as directly measuring atmospheric dynamics at high altitude. In seismology, he has worked on the development of full-waveform techniques for detecting and locating events, on the development of seismic discriminants for identifying quarry blasts, and on the application of seismic tomography to image the upper mantle.


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