Master Negotiation

Master Negotiation

October 16 - 18, 2018 - Online Registration

Due to popular demand and participant feedback, the two-day Master Negotiation seminar has been expanded to a three-day course. This course will train you to take advantage of the gain-gain approach, today’s most respected method of negotiation.

Based on in-depth research and success with corporate clients, this course provides the newest negotiation tools needed to ensure success in negotiations with peers, clients, customers and adversaries. The interactive format provides individualized attention and the chance to learn from experts in the room to diagnose your current strategies. By doing so you’ll be able build on and strengthen those that work and replace that don’t with proven, powerful skills. You’ll understand how to avoid common errors and negotiate rationally and effectively significantly increasing your success with even the most difficult negotiators. You’ll learn how to separate fact from fiction and reality from perception. And because knowledge is power—you’ll learn how to obtain, provide and withhold crucial information that informs your outcome. The insights learned will enable you to substantially increase the value you gain from all negotiations while improving your relationships.

Although it’s commonly understood that effective negotiators know how to manage emotion and separate the people from the problem, ignoring the people can become a problem. Understanding this dichotomy and the necessity of keeping your eye on your side of the table and your ear on theirs will improve the way people react to you. You'll learn to convey, use and manage time pressure effectively; master the art and science of persuasion; manage the bidding process, and understand power relationships to greater effect. Carefully crafted simulations based on real-life negotiations will give you a fascinating, hands-on opportunity to test and refine your skills.


  • Testing and continually improving your mastery of negotiation skills
  • Understanding and obtaining the traits of master negotiators
  • Determining how you are perceived and learning how to act and react more effectively during a negotiation
  • Understanding the explicit and implicit value you and your counterpart associate with every outcome
  • Planning proactive, active, and reactive strategies to deal with any situation
  • Creating a systematic framework for moving through the most complex deals
  • Mastering effective first bids, counter bids and strategic anchors
  • Avoiding common and costly negotiator biases
  • Understanding the impact of individual differences such as gender and culture
  • Assessing the advantage of real and imagined alternatives to settlement
  • Assessing real versus perceived sources of relative power, to create strategies for using what you have and changing what you lack
  • Understanding the most effective persuasion tactics
  • Dealing effectively with the most difficult negotiators
  • Understanding the difference between being ethical and being fair
  • Rigorous case analysis of world-class deals
  • Candid stories of success and mistakes from a panel of cross-industry experts
  • Conducting an effective post negotiation debriefing session
Program Format: 

Three days, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

October 16 - 18, 2018
CPE Hours: 24

James M. Collins Executive Education Center | SMU Campus, Dallas, TX


$3,795; Group discounts available when multiple attendees from the same organization register together. Payment is due October 1, 2018 or upon registration, whichever is later.

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Who should attend
    This course is designed to enhance the understanding and skills of anyone who wants to become a more effective negotiator. If you’re already respected for your success in negotiation, you’ll refine your skills. If you’re less experienced and less confident, you’ll develop new knowledge and techniques.

Sample Schedule for Master Negotiation


Collins Center


Collins Center


Collins Center

8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

What Makes a Negotiator a Master?


Pre-Negotiation Preparation & Uncovering the Playing Field


Social Context & How to Provide Meaning in Negotiation


1:00 p.m.  - 4:30 p.m.

Understanding What Determines Who Gets What, How We Are Satisfied With Who Gets What, & Whether We Want to Stay in the Relationship


Implementing Master Negotiation Strategies: Putting It All Into Play


The Use & Abuse of Negotiator Power: Using Real & Imagined Sources of Negotiator Power


Program Instructors

Dr. Robin L. Pinkley, Ph.D., professor of management and organizations, is the creator of the gain-gain approach to profitable negotiation and founder of the M2M Center for Profitable Negotiation. Her research—which has garnered numerous fellowships, grants and awards—focuses on the sources and consequences of negotiator power, the use of strategic anchors for enhancing opponent perceptions of negotiated value, the implication of “fair” as an outcome heuristic and the strategic application of “value context theory."

Before coming to SMU, Pinkley served as visiting professor of organizational behavior at the J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. She is a frequent speaker in management development programs and a negotiation consultant for government organizations in six countries and dozens of blue-chip corporations, including Accenture, Allstate Insurance, General Electric, JP Morgan Chase, Kodak, Lockheed Martin Vought, Macy’s, Mobil, NASA, SBC Communications, Sony Ericsson, State Farm Insurance and Yahoo!

Pinkley has been featured as an expert on negotiation in a range of media, including ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, NPR, “Wall Street Journal,” “New York Times,” “Chicago Tribune,” Washington Post,” “US News and World Report,” “Money,” and “Fortune.” With Greg Northcroft, Pinkley is the author of “Get Paid What You're Worth: The Expert Negotiators Guide to Salary and Compensation.” She is also the author of numerous scholarly articles on negotiation and managerial conflict resolution, which have appeared in leading psychology and conflict management journals. Pinkley holds a doctor of philosophy degree in social psychology from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

For more information:
214.768.3335 or 800.768.6699 in the U.S.

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