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The Biblical Witness
Jaime Clark-Soles, Associate Professor of New Testament
Roy L. Heller, Associate Professor of Old Testament
Susanne Scholz, Professor of Old Testament
Abraham Smith, Professor of New Testament
Sze-kar Wan, Professor of New Testament

The Heritage of the Christian Witness in its Religious and Cultural Context
Ted A. Campbell, Associate Professor of Church History
Carlos Cardoza-Orlandi, Professor of Global Christianities and Mission Studies
Ruben L. F. Habito, Professor of World Religions and Spirituality; Coordinator of Spiritual Formation
Robert A. Hunt, Professor of Christian Mission and Interreligious Relations
Tamara Lewis, Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity
William B. Lawrence, Professor of American Church History
James Kang Hoon Lee, Assistant Professor of the History of Early Christianity
Bruce D. Marshall, Lehman Professor of Christine Doctrine

The Interpretation of the Christian Witness
William J. Abraham, Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies
Karen Baker-Fletcher, Professor of Systematic Theology
*Charles E. Curran, Elizabeth Scurlock Professor of Human Values
Hugo Magallanes, Associate Professor of Christianity and Cultures
Natalia Marandiuc, Assistant Professor of Christian Theology
Bruce D. Marshall, Lehman Professor of Christine Doctrine
Rebekah Miles, Professor of Ethics and Practical Theology; Director, Graduate Program in Religious Studies
Joerg Rieger, Wendland-Cook Endowed Professor of Constructive Theology
Theodore Walker Jr., Associate Professor of Ethics and Society

The Witness of the Church and its Ministry
Christopher S. Anderson, Associate Professor of Sacred Music
Paula Dobbs-Wiggins, Adjunct Associate Professor of Pastoral Care
C. Michael Hawn, University Distinguished Professor of Church Music
Elaine A. Heath, McCreless Professor of Evangelism
Susanne Johnson, Associate Professor of Christian Education
Hugo Magallanes, Associate Professor of Christianity and Cultures
Alyce M. McKenzie, Le Van Professor of Preaching and Worship; Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor; Director, Center for Preaching Excellence
Heidi A. Miller
, Assistant Professor of Christian Worship
Evelyn L. Parker
, Professor of Practical Theology; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Harold J. Recinos
, Professor of Church and Society
Mark W. Stamm
, Professor of Christian Worship
Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner
, Professor of Pastoral Care

Intern Program Faculty
William J. Bryan, Professor of Supervised Ministry
Isabel Docampo, Professor of Supervised Ministry
Barry E. Hughes, Professor of Supervised Ministry
Thomas Spann, Professor of Supervised Ministry

Bishop in Residence
D. Max Whitfield

* SMU faculty member also affiliated with Perkins