Maguire Energy Institute

Downtown Dallas Wide

SMU Cox MBA Energy Finance Concentration

I. Core MBA Courses (33 hours)

Required:        ACCT  6201 Financial Accounting I

                        ACCT  6202 Financial Accounting II or ACCT 6205 Managerial Accounting I

                        BUSE 6202 Managerial Economics

                        FINA 6201 Managerial Finance

                        ITOM  6201 Managerial Statistics

                        ITOM  6202 Management Decision Analysis

                        ITOM  6203 Operations Management

                        MKTG 6201 Marketing Management

                        MNGT 6101 Managing Your Career

                        MNGT 6103 Business Presentation Techniques

                        MNGT 6201 Organizational Behavior

                        MNGT 6210 Global Leadership Program

                        MNGT 6020 First-Year Foundations

                        MNGT 6150 Corporate Internship Program

                        STRA   6201 Strategic Management


II. Finance Concentration with Specialization in Energy Finance (14 hours):

Required:        FINA 6205 Finance Theory and Practice

                        FINA 6206 Uncertainty and Strategic Decision-Making

                        FINA 6224 Energy Risk Management

                        FINA 62xx Energy Project Valuation and Finance (new course)

PLUS: Any six (6) hours of elective courses from the following list:

                        FINA 6211 Valuation & Analysis

                        FINA 6212 Corporate Financial Policies

                        FINA 6213 Corporate Restructuring and Value Creation

                        FINA 6214 International Financial Markets

                        FINA 6219 Forwards, Futures, and Swaps

                        FINA 6220 Options

                        FINA 6222 Financial Markets and Monetary Policy

                        FINA 6223 Game Theory for Business Managers

                        LAW 6378 Oil & Gas Law or LAW 7264 Oil and Gas Environmental Law (with instructor’s permission)


III. Free Electives to complete the MBA degree (14 hours)

Required:          Any fourteen (14) hours of additional graduate-level business courses offered by the Cox School.