Center for Presidential History

Center for Presidential History

Collective Memory Project

The Collective Memory Project (CMP) is an ongoing oral history project, dedicated to enhancing the historical and archival record of various presidential administrations. 

The first Collective Memory Project explores the oft-overlooked, yet pivotal election cycle of 2004. The CPH focuses on key subjects and events from the times, and explores those in-depth through interviews with people from both within and outside of the administration.

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Future Projects:

The CPH will film interviews with members of different presidential administrations, as well as both public officials and private citizens who played important roles during these events. These interviews are transcribed and prepared for both future online presentation as well as archival storage. 


Faith and the Presidency


American Diplomacy: Leaders at Home and Abroad


Judicial Nominations and the Department of Justice


The First Lady and the East Wing


Post-9/11 Policy in East and Southeast Asia


The Iraq War