Curriculum Practical Training Course List

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a temporary employment authorization directly related to an F-1 student’s academic program where off-campus employment counts towards course credit and will appear on the student’s transcript, indicating that the employment served to enhance academic experience as a part of the established curriculum. Whether the course is for 1 or more credits, it must appear in the SMU catalogue. The Designated School Official (DSO) at SMU may grant CPT off-campus work authorization as long as the student has met all requirements. The list below shows the academic courses offered within each department that facilitate participation in CPT and comply with its requirements. Students are advised to consult with their respective departments regarding specific requirements for courses and internships.

Lyle School of Engineering

ENGR 8199 (graduate co-op)
ENGR 1199 (undergraduate)

Cox School of Business

MNGT 6150 (graduate co-op)
BA 4111, 4112, 4113 (undergraduate)

Meadows School of the Arts

VIOL 6200 or PERB 5011 (graduate)

Dedman College


ECO 8000 (Economics Doctorate required for dissertation)
ECO 8101 (Economics Doctorate optional internship)

Statistical Sciences

STAT 6366 (Statistics Doctorate required for Statistical Counseling)
STAT 7013 (Optional supervised internship)
STAT 8396, 8397, 8398 (normal track required for dissertation)
STAT 8696 (fast track required for dissertation)
STAT 8396, 8397, 8398, 8196 (slow track required for dissertation)

Simmons School


HDCN 6398 (Internship I - 3 credits - required offsite counseling)
HDCN 6399 (Internship II - 3 credits - required offsite counseling)


SPRT 6430 (required offsite internship for graduate students - 4 credits)
APSM 5672, 5610 (required offsite internship for undergraduate students - 6 credits)


EPL 6347 (Optional Capstone Project course that students can take over the summer to do paid internships -3 credits)

Liberal Studies

SOSC 6309, 7379 (Required 30-service hours for Human Rights majors; 3 credits)
HUMN 7311 (MLS required capstone where internship is an option)
HUMN 6303 (MLS thesis)
BHSC 6300, FNAR 6300, HUMN 6300, SCCL 6300, SOSC 6300 (Optional independent study for MLS and DLS with internship - 3 credits)
HUMN 7395 (required DLS Human Rights foundational course with 30-service hours)

Dedman Law

Law 9001 (Legal Practical Training; optional)
Law 6110 (Legal Practical Training; optional)

Perkins Theology

CM 8021, 8022, 8023 (required supervised practicum for Master of Sacred Music)