Cross Currents - US-Norway Relations After 9/11

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In "Cross Currents," CPH fellow LaiYee Leong explores the relationship--and tension--that developed between the United States and its longtime NATO ally Norway after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Based on more than a dozen interviews with U.S. and Norwegian officials, this podcast tells the story of allies who had to navigate a friendly diplomatic relationship while at cross currents with one another over the best ways to achieve their diplomatic and security goals in the world.


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Episode 0 - Why Norway?

This episode gives us some context for understanding the relationship between the U.S. and Norway at the beginning of the George W. Bush presidency. What was important or unique about this particular alliance? What might the Norwegian story tell us that the story of a larger power like Germany or France cannot?

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Episode 1 - 9/11 and its Aftermath

 How did Norway and its leaders experience the September 11 attacks on the United States? And how did Norway navigate its diplomatic relationship with the U.S. when the U.S. moved toward war in Afghanistan and Iraq?
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Episode 2 - Norway's Security Dilemma

The US decision to pursue its own stated national security interests through war in Iraq precipitated diplomatic and security dilemmas for longtime allies like Norway. Norwegian leaders had to find ways to simultaneously resist the US, maintain alliance, answer to their own voters, and keep their eyes on existing European concerns

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Episode 3 - Norway's Balancing Act

When the US—Norway's longtime ally—chose to pursue its own national security interests outside of established alliances like NATO, Norway found themselves in a dilemma: how to navigate an alliance while pursuing their own national security in alternate ways.