Will Roudabush

Graduation Year: 2023




M.A., University of Alabama; B.A., Rhodes College, Phi Beta Kappa

Current Role

Hughes Postdoctoral Fellow at SMU

Dissertation Title

“Perspective, Invention, and Metatheater in Renaissance Literature”

Research Interests

  • Renaissance Drama, Poetry, and Visual Culture
  • Classical Reception in the Renaissance
  • The Renaissance Book
  • Shakespeare in his Company
  • Shakespeare and his Contemporaries
  • Renaissance Rhetoric and Education


  • “Invention and Perspective in Elizabethan Poetics” (Under Solicitation, In Progress)
  • “‘This is and is not Cressid’: Seeing Double in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida.” Shakespeare Bulletin 41.2 (2023): 223–46.
  • “Repeated Cues and a Textual Crux in Marlowe’s Dido, Queene of Carthage.” Notes & Queries 66.3 (2019): 400–3.
Will Roudabush portrait