Zeng Zheng

Zheng completed her Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Nathan Balke in 2009 and joined the Department of Economics at Bowling Green State University located in Bowling Green, Ohio. She received tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor in Fall 2015. She has also been the Graduate Program Director since then.

Zheng's primary areas of research include macroeconomics, monetary economics, and time series econometrics. Her research uses both theoretical and empirical methodologies and often investigates the interplay between credit market frictions, time-varying uncertainty and monetary economic fluctuations. Her research has appeared in Macroeconomic Dynamics, Applied Economics, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance and B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics.

Since graduating, Zheng has continued to collaborate with SMU faculty, other SMU PhD alumni, and members of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Maintaining these connections has brought her great personal and professional satisfaction.

My experience in the SMU economics department was instrumental in shaping my academic career. It provided me the skills and connections that I needed to become the scholar and teacher that I want to be today.
— Zheng Zheng, Bowling Green State University

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