Students participating in class Your HSP experience begins with your Writing and Reasoning courses, WRTR 2303 and WRTR 2304.  All HSP WRTR courses follow a common curriculum designed to challenge and interest HSP students. You and your fellow Hilltop Scholars will read, write, and think about the same group of books, films, and articles, which leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of academic life.

We also offer a specialized course tailored to the Hilltop Scholars Program leadership and service mission.   PRW 3303 meets four of your eight graduation requirements and provides the opportunity to engage in the larger community with your fellow Hilltop Scholars.

The other course offerings vary from year to year, but generally include language courses, science courses, and a literature course.

Most students take their WRTR and PRW courses plus one other in the program.  The program enhances the quality of, but does not monopolize, your schedule.